User and Customer Experience

Focusing on customer experience in order to differentiate a business is not something new. Most iconic brands have used it in the past and as a result rocketed their status by just doing that. The only difference is that the customers of this new age are more demanding as they possess a lot of information. According to a study recently done, 9% of the customers are willing to spend more on those companies that provide excellent customer service. The same study revealed that only 24% of the customers believed that they received the customer service that they felt that they deserved while 91% of the customers agreed that customer experience was very important. Its therefore not a miracle or a wonder to see that companies having excellent customer experiences are outperforming all the others in the market.

What are the major benefits of focusing on customer experience?

The user experience testin g companies that focus wholeheartedly on improving customer experience  benefit from greater brand awareness as the adage says that a satisfied customer always tells five more of his\her friends. The other benefit is that there is reduced turnover when it comes to employees and customers. It also results into unsolicited referrals as everybody will be satisfied. The businesses do not have to invest heavily in advertising as most is done through referrals by satisfied customers. Additionally, these businesses benefit from better internal alignment as everything shall be streamlined.

For the reasons presented above, better customer experience management experiences always lead to more profitability. However, it is good to understand that greater customer experience doesn't happen by having powerful power point presentations, action has to be taken. Good customer experience begins with understanding which promises are most important to our customers  and then aligning your organization toward them and sustaining them. It is important to notice that this largely depends on what the leaders in the organization do in order to propel the agenda. The rule of law is that what the customer wants most is what the business does best.

Which industries benefits most from using this approach?
Most service brands that have high volumes of transactions as well as multiple channels of interaction with customers make up the biggest beneficiaries of using this approach. Some of the fastest adapters of this design are healthcare facilities, retailers, professional service firms as well as entertainment companies.

To make the customer experience sustainable, a company should work on its business practices too. The experience design works twice, to design the experience and then to get this experience to fit within the constraints of the company. This is what is referred to as best practice.